My practice explores the British landscape. I respond to landscape’s effect on cultural and political beliefs. By using analogue photography, I question the role of images in the surrogacy of physical experience in a digital age. The majority of images that we encounter are virtual, whereas the images that I create through analogue processes are tangible. My intention is to use the lyrical anomalies inherent with analogue photography to add a sculptural aesthetic to my work. Embedding my images with a record of time and process, they reflect the shifting landscape against changing human activity in Britain.


•RSA OPEN - Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh -2018

•Newcastle University, Copeland Park, Peckham, London -2018

•Reflection - Little Buckland Gallery, Gloucestershire - 2018

•Jack Whitwell, Atrium, Newcastle - 2017

•PopUp Central Arcade, Newcastle - 2017

•Photography to Painting - Lost arch gallery, Newcastle - 2016

•STAMP! - Ex Libris gallery, Newcastle - 2015

•Painting Show - The Atrium, Newcastle university - 2015

•Holy Biscuit - 40 days in the dark - 2015

•DAAG Anual Exhibition, Wirral - 2014

Awards and Achievements 

•Shortlisted for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018

•Won the Clyde&Co Blank Canvas Commission 2018

•Won the Dere Street Barristers artistic commission 2018

•Commissioned by South Tyneside Council to create public commission in remembrance of WW1

•Awarded the Orkney Visual Arts and Craft Award - 2018


Arts Experience 

•Draw Durham, Durham University 2017 - Running print making workshops for the public in the city centre

•PopUp Central Arcade, Newcastle 2017 - Director of the project, responsible for; fundraising, admin, curating and the running of printmaking workshops. 

•Fabric screenprinter for

•Freelance photographic workshop teacher

•Technical Assistant - Newcastle University Fine Art department 2017